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Professional Machinery Group South‘s official and preferred companies and manufacturers that we represent and provide sales and service in Texas and beyond.

Partner Directory

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*This directory is under construction and may be incomplete* – download PDF linecard here 

More Partners & Affiliate Companies:

AFC – www.afc-ca.com
Amana – www.amanatool.com
American Lifts – www.americanlifts.com
Cantek – www.cantekamerica.com
Carothers & Sons – www.cslsystems.com
Striebig Saw – www.colonialsaw.com
Conquest Industries – www.conquestind.com
CTD – www.ctdsaw.com
Denray Machine Company – www.denray.com
Donaldson Filtration Solutions – www.donaldson.com
Doucet – www.doucetinc.com
Evans Machinery – www.evansmachineryinc.com
General International – www.general.ca
Guhdo – www.guhdo.com
Island Clean Air – www.islandcleanair.com

JLT Clamps – www.jltclamps.com
James L. Taylor – www.jamesltaylor.com
Joos USA – www.joosusa.com

Kay Industries Phasemaster – www.kayind.com
Kreg Tool – www.kregtool.com
Macoser – www.macoser.com

Mereen Johnson – www.mereen-johnson.com
Midwest Automation – www.midwestautomation.com
Mikron Machinery – www.mikronmachinery.com
Nederman – www.nederman.com 
Oliver Machinery – www.olivermachinery.net
Omga, Inc. – www.omgainc.com
Quickwood – www.quickwood.com
Sawstop – www.sawstop.com

SCM Group – www.scmgroup-usa.com
Surcare USA – www.surcare.com
Tawi USA – www.tawiusa.com
TigerStop – www.tigerstop.com
Tritec Associates – www.tritec.com
Unique Machine – www.uniquemachine.com

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our mission is the intent to build relationships of trust and service by supplying professional woodworkers with the right machine for their specific needs and the support to keep it providing years of profitable production. 

A One-Stop Shop

We are as well the customer’s representative in working with the machinery manufacturer to ensure their machinery remains productive for years to come. Offering machinery technical support through independent technicians as well as manufacturer representatives.

Live Demo & Consultation

We are consultants to professional woodworkers to help define their operational needs and determine the correct solution to those needs. We also offer machinery technical support through independent technicians as well as manufacturer representatives.

We Officially Opened our Dallas, Texas location on August 1st, 2018 

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Our History

As a former custom furniture manufacturer for over thirty years I understand the issues business owners face in the purchase and integration of technology into their operations, and the necessary relationship that is formed with their machinery and technology suppliers. We are your partners in this relationship, your success absolutely determining ours. It is incumbent upon us to manage and maintain this as an ongoing relationship for the benefit of all those involved, making all of our lives more prosperous while eliminating unnecessary stress. This is the potential of technology, of finding the right tool for the right job, making us more prosperous while building a better product. This is what we seek to offer our customers.

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